<!doctype html public "-//W30//DTD W3 HTML 2.0//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Welcome </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="FFFFFF" LINK="FF0000" VLINK="FF4080"> <P> <TABLE> <TR> <TD> <IMG SRC="images/chalice.gif" HEIGHT= 142 WIDTH= 110 > <TD> <B> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp First Christian Church <BR> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp (Disciples of Christ)<BR> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp 806 E. Briggs Dr<BR> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Macon, Missouri 63552 <P> &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp (660) 385-2813 <P> <TD> <IMG ALIGN=middle SRC="images/fccfront3.jpg" ALT="Church Picture" HEIGHT=161 WIDTH=320> </TR> </TABLE> <P><HR><P> <a href="http://www.macondisciples.org/dave/daily.pdf">Dr. Dave's Daily Thought</a> <P><HR> <P> <B>ABOUT OUR CHURCH</B><BR> The First Christian Church in Macon was founded in 1866 and has continued to be a part of the Macon community since that date. The church has been in its present location since 1963. While we have enjoyed a glorious history, we are more concerned for the present and the future. We seek to preach and to <A HREF="beliefs.html"> practice a religion </A> devoted to justice and peace, responsive to truth with concern for the spiritual growth of all persons. <P> <B>ABOUT OUR WORSHIP SERVICE</B><BR> <A HREF="worship.html"> Worship service</A> is scheduled at 10:00 AM each Sunday. Sunday School for adults and children is offered from 9:00 - 10:00. During worship hours, childcare (infants through kindergarten) is provided for those who desire to use it.<P> Our Church is <B>conveniently located</B> two blocks east of the junction of US Hwy 63 and US Bus Hwy 36. Click here for a <A HREF="map.html"> map.</A> Parking is conveniently located on all four sides of the church. Spaces for handicapped are located on the north and east sides. <P> Our congregation affords many <A HREF="activities.html"> activities </A> and opportunities for involvement. <P> <HR> <P> <B> First Christian Church exists to extend love and acceptance to all people; to develop faith and trust in God; and to bring glory to God in all we do. </B> <P> <HR> <P> <P> Additional information about our <A HREF="staff.html">staff</A>, our weekly <A HREF="news.html">newsletter/forms</A> and our <A HREF="http://www.MyChurchEvents.com/calendar/calendar.aspx?ci=L6N8K5F0O9I3N8N8H2">calendar</A> of events, and <A HREF="prayerform.html"> online prayer requests.</A> is also available.<P> <P> <HR> <P> <B>Contact us at</B><P> First Christian Church<BR> (Disciples of Christ)<BR> 806 E. Briggs Dr. <BR> Macon, Missouri 65332<BR> (660) 385-2813<BR> <P> Or<BR> <A HREF="mailto://fccoffice@macondisciples.org">email us</A><BR> </BODY> </HTML>